Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Miracles do Happen

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Part 3

So they finally finished all the paperwork as I texted all those people who were available only by phone, but were very much a part of the adoption process. (*For those of you who hope to adopt or are about to adopt the paperwork takes a LONG time.)

The entire entourage came out of the room and we made our way in. I totally missed it, but I guess the hospital social worker told Daniel that we'd get to take our baby home that night!! I had a gift and a card for birthmom S and was wanting to make sure that she got it so I totally missed the exciting news.

We gave her her card and as she cried her cousin reaffirmed that he was here to comfort her and that we could go.

We left the room I found out that not only were we going to get to see the baby we were going to get to bring him home that night. Daniel and I hugged and celebrated. Praising the Lord for the miracle He had done.

We then went to a waiting room to read over our papers. (Jan had given us the papers earlier, but I really couldn't concentrate enough to read them.) She had to go downstairs and tell her rude husband that they were going to get to go home that night. (Hopefully he was glad I didn't run into him again...)

We read over our papers. We kept asking the hospital social worker's trainee if it was really true that we'd get to bring him home tonight.

Jan came back from coddling her husband and said as soon as we signed we'd get to so get our baby. The social worker was working on getting him discharged. (He had to be discharged to Jan, due to the adoption process.)

We sign our papers and the social worker leads us to the nursery. We wash our hands and put on these yellow gown things. We drop all of our stuff (coats, jackets, purses) by the sinks apparently this is a back entrance and everything was safe there. This nursery isn't one that people can look into, it's a completely closed separate room. All the nurses were back there and tons of babies. I kept looking at each one thinking is that him, is that him. Then as we walked around the corner the nurses introduced us to our baby!!! They had him ready for us just waiting to be taken home. When they showed him to us I was just beside myself. HE WAS SO HANDSOME.

We picked him up, told him how sweet and handsome he was and immediately took some pics. :)

The nurses celebrated with us and congratulated us. They discharged him and gave us final instructions.

Daniel went to get our car seat out of the car and pull the Trailblazer up to the front of the hospital.

I changed his clothes and one of the nurses went and brought him a special little going home outfit. We were able to thank the nurses for taking extra tender care of him since we weren't able to come until that moment.

They asked his name and doted over little Oliver Emmanuel.

Daniel got back with the car seat and we strapped him in and tucked blankets around him and were off. They put him on this little wooden table of a thing with wheels and the nurse walked us down to the front. She clicked the car seat into place and we were off.

We were just beside ourselves thinking about the miracle that had taken place.
1. The birth of our healthy baby boy on Sunday February 21st.
2. That the birthmom had allowed us to bring him home that day- Wednesday February 24th.



Sonia said...

so incredible! i love it =)

Cassi Wolski said...

Awww this just gives me chills. I couldn't be happier for you guys. What a blessing little Oliver is. :)

Amanda said...

That's so wonderful! Praise the Lord!

Heather said...

I am so enjoying hearing about your journey. How is little Manny!!! Now we need MORE pictures! :)


a wandering heart said...

I can't help but cry tears of joy for you guys. Manny has such great parents, his birth Mom could not have asked for a better family to love him. Wow.

Betsy said...

Emily, Maddie and Manny have the same birthday!!! Just 1 year apart!! :) SO happy for you guys.

TheColes said...

Praise God!!!! We are more than thrilled for you guys! God rewards faithfulness! He is SOOO good!

OKeedokey said...

Oh, I get so excited and my heart swells just reading this! I'm so SO happy for you.

amazeingteacher said...

i'm so happy for you all!! me and manny have the same bday!!! it's a good one! best wishes as you get used to motherhood! i know you are more than ready!!