Thursday, February 11, 2010

The gift

I love gifts.

Therefore I love to give good gifts.

When I think about us maybe adopting again in the future I want to give the birthmom we are matched with a precious gift.

But what do you give?

She is giving us her child to raise and to love. What gift can you give in return that is adequate? I can find nothing valuable enough, but sentimental- that I can find.

Yesterday I found a necklace.

Sorry for the pic quality, but I couldn't figure out how to describe it and our camera is in the shop. It has a larger circle that intertwines into the smaller circle. On the side of the outside circle it says: "I am thankful that your path crossed mine." On the tag, under the word Friendship it says: "...I am thankful that in God's design he planned it so your path crossed mine."

He does have a plan!

I mean what more can you say. I am so very thankful. (And hopeful that our paths will cross someday soon!!) And now I feel more ready than ever. We have the nursery decked out and we have lots of baby things....And now we have the perfect gift!


Sonia said...

that is so perfect!! i love it =)

Court and Em said...

I love that Emily!! Where did you get it????

Emily Doss said...

Target. :)

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Love the gift! I had a hard time figuring out a gift for our birthmothers! That is great! Thanks for sharing!