Sunday, March 15, 2015

Product Disappointment

I remember as we were newly married and I was freely (ha!) giving advice to others I mentioned that expectations are on of the hardest things in marriage. We all have expectations of how it's going to be. Doesn't that happen a lot? Expectations then lead to disappointment if things don't turn out just as we had imagined.

Lately (after being married almost 15 years! yay!) I've been experiencing disappointment in something different altogether. Lately products I've purchased have been such let downs. I have seen the advertisement or personal recommendation from a friend and thought I need that or I want that. So I have gone ahead and purchased whatever product has caught my eye then only to get it and be disappointed. It didn't live up to my expectations. It didn't provide the results I had hoped or something about it was off.

I bought some shoes online recently that were to replace an older pair I had loved, but the new pair wasn't as comfy as the old pair and just didn't fit right. I bought a hair dryer (@ Ulta where you can try them out!) and got home and it had a broken piece in it so the switch didn't work as expected. Ulta was great and swapped it out for me which was wonderful. I bought new makeup as my old one just ran out and when I tried it it just didn't do the trick.

This even happened to my 5 year old son Manny who bought a toy with money he had saved up. The box said this new toy would be amazing, he thought, but it turned out to be a disappointment. It turned out to not work as expected and he was disappointed.

This world will leave us disappointed. Only God can truly satisfy. Nothing will fill that void we think needs filled by new makeup, new shoes, a new hairdryer or hair style. It will all disappoint. Only Jesus. Only Jesus. ONLY JESUS. I need this reminder EVERY single DAY!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Moms Unite

Tonight I experienced a first. 
I saw a cute mom on Facebook and linked to her blog. 
She was adorable. 
Fit, cute, with well dressed children who smiled in the pics while they all ate ice cream. 
And my first thought wasn't I wish I was just like her. 
My first thought was- I wonder what her struggles are? 

Why do we think that when we sit behind a screen and see some other mother staring back at us that she is perfect? We start to compare ourselves to the Pinterest moms, to the crossfit moms, the neat freak moms, to the granola crunchy moms, the super spiritual moms, the essential oil moms. And in our minds we never measure up. Because we compare our lows to their picture perfect highs. 

The theme for MOPS last year was Beautiful Mess and I remember our table mom shared about comparison and the terrible nature of it. How we are all in this together and we are all doing the best we know how. I wish I could find the link to that blog. This isn't it, but is something similar I found when I went searching...

I just read another similar blog tonight: Looks like it's from a little over a year ago, but the theme is still valid and the fears of failure for some are paralyzing. We can never be good enough, perfect enough, we all need grace. We all need Jesus. We all need God's unconditional love. 

So tonight when I didn't immediately compare myself to the adorableness I saw on the bloggers blog. I felt like I'd taken a step in the right direction. We are all in this together. If we believe in Jesus we are the body of Christ and we should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

Live the life God has called you to and don't try so hard to be anyone else. He loves you and created you just the way you are. Not perfect, but in need of a Savior. 

1 Corinthians 7:17 "Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him." 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Arizona in January; yes please.

The last few Januaries (how do you even make a month plural???) I have been stuck in the great white north as I liked to call it. I would sometimes get stuck in our driveway due to all the stupid snow. Some of my friends really loved the snow. I am not one of those people. It's not in me. I was very grateful to move to Tennessee in November and only get to see the 1st snowfall of the winter season near Chicago. So when we got the opportunity to fly to Phoenix and spend over a week of January in Scottsdale, AZ I was ecstatic.

We got to visit a church in Scottsdale where our buddy Freddy T. Wyatt is pastor. We have know Freddy T for many many years. He introduced me to Daniel's songs my junior and senior year of high school and then introduced me to Daniel at UT Martin in 1998. The rest is history- Daniel and I got married 2 years later.

Freddy T and his wife Susan have 4 kids who played so well with our two boys. It was a lot of fun for them to get to play and hang out. Manny makes friends quickly and most of the time Oakley goes with the flow....even when he has the stomach he did this trip.

The weather was great in Scottsdale temps were warm and we even wore shorts. But it did rain a few days while we were there which is rare for Scottsdale. I was just glad it wasn't snow. I may still be recovering from those harsh Chicago winters.

We got to see lots of cacti and gorgeous mountains. We got to be a part of their church's first ever contemporary service and Daniel got to lead worship in their main service as well. It was a good trip and good to be with friends we have know in different seasons of life. To have genuine care and concern for each other and to get to see how other families live life. For 5 years our friends were church planters in New York City. For 5 years we lived away from Tennessee in "Chicago-land" (specifically Valparaiso, IN & Grayslake, IL). They took a sabbatical about 7 months ago and were here in Clarksville for a time of renewal and rest. We are now taking a sabbatical here in Clarksville. The similarities are so interesting. The calling on our lives. The work God is doing. It's fun to discuss with others who get it and are also on this same journey of full time ministry.

For fun we got to eat at D'Lish, Burger Rehab Therapy, an AMAZING upscale Mexican Restaurant. We got to go to the Butterfly Wonderland, a rain forest experience where beautiful butterflies were flying all around and some even landed on you. I'm so grateful for this season of togetherness and for these adventures we get to be a part of. God is using us and it's very exciting to be a part of His plan.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Monumental Dates

My dad was a dates guy.
He once told a story that he saw a guy in a store and said hey- I can't remember your name, but your birthday is xx/xx/xx and told the guy his exact birthday. Numbers were his thing. He could remember them so well even though he couldn't remember the guys name he could recall his birthday. It was amazing how he would remember birthdays and call or text people on their birthdays. He seemed to never forget.

Today was his birthday. 01/16/54.

He would have been 61.

He was known to call someone at 12:01am or even better 2am to his best buddies. To make sure he was the first to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Last year for his 60th birthday he was in VEGAS with my stepmom.
I didn't call. I knew he was busy and having fun and who knows why, but I didn't make it a priority. Luckily I can say that is my ONLY regret of my relationship with my dad.

I loved him so so much. And he knew that. He loved me so so much and I KNOW that. But not talking to him on his birthday last year...never knowing it would be his my one regret.

They got back from their trip out west and just a week later he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He took his first Chemo the first week of February and then in March I practically moved in with them and spend his last 6 weeks with him. I am so grateful for that time with him.

Firsts are hard. We have almost made it through them all. 1st Thanksgiving without my dad, my 1st birthday of my entire life without my dad, 1st Christmas without my dad, his 1st birthday. He died April 13th, 2014. I can't believe it has almost been a year. These last 3 months of holidays/birthday have been really hard. But like my grandmother said today we just keep surviving. We don't have any other choice. Praise be to the one who sustains us. Thank you Lord for memories, for tears, and for loved ones who understand.

Here's to celebrating his legacy and living a life of love and kindness just like he did.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Let the 2015 Adventure Begin

We moved back to Clarksville, TN in November then there was unpacking then there was Thanksgiving and then there was Christmas. It was a whirlwind. We finally feel settled....besides the boxes in the basement of things we move around with us that apparently we don't need or use. Part of this adventure has been that we are not on staff at a local church. The entire time we have been married Daniel has been on staff at a church. So each Sunday (and for the last 2 years EACH SATURDAY- I think I'm still bitter about that....) we have known what church to go to. But for this new adventure we have had freedom to attend different churches and support fellow ministers. It's been a tad overwhelming to me in that I don't always love new things. I like to know what to expect. I tend to worry about my kiddos and how they will do in new environments. (They are awesome and have really seemed to have had fun at all the places we have gone.) So far we have been to 5 different churches. What a neat experience, I'm definitely counting this as a privilege to worship with different bodies of believers.

Yesterday we went to a 5pm service. I was moved to tears during the communion time. As the first service of the new year the pastor encouraged us to forget what was behind and let go of fear of the future. Last year holds plenty I want to forget with the death of my dad being at the top of the list. And this year definitely holds lots of unknowns which often leads me to fear.

There was a new pastor there for the first time. He preached on marriage. It was a very young crowd. Like seriously looking around we were in the 2% of the oldest people there. {ummmm we are not old!} The pastor has been married 13 years. (We have been married 14.5 years! boom) It was a nice, but strange situation to be in. We have a great marriage. I'm really proud of the hard work we have put into our marriage being and remaining strong.

It was a great sermon to start the year. Some of the points of his sermon I can't get out of my head today. One was a statistic that out of married couples that pray out loud together the divorce rate is 1%. (He gave lots of other stats good and bad, but this one really shocked me.) That God can change things. That His presence in our marriages matters. That He matters and changes things especially marriages in a country that leads statistics in having the highest divorce rates of developed countries.

The big idea of his sermon was that the key to having a marriage that sizzles is having serious fun. The couples you see that have that longstanding love take their commitment seriously yes, but they also have serious fun. That we usually have fun when we are dating and that is what made us fall in love, but having fun can also sustain our marriages. He challenged us to ask the question- Am I fun to live with? I've been pondering that thought all day. He said we can't make anyone choose love us. Control is an illusion. But we can behave in a way that creates margin for another human being to love us back. He talked about how we have expectations and when behaviors don't meet those expectations we can react two ways---assume the worst or believe the best. This is something Daniel says a lot. Don't assume the worst. Luckily we are able to communicate and work through miscommunications (or times when I assume the worst.) But that one question keeps swirling around in my mind and heart....Am I fun to live with?

What about you? How is your marriage? So many are struggling. If yours marriage is struggling don't go it alone. Reach out for counseling or help. We all have good seasons and hard seasons of marriage. Daniel and I learned a trick in marriage counseling that we have used over the years. Each of you rate your marriage 1-10. (The wife usually has a lower score...don't take it personally.) Then ask yourselves what could make it closer to a 10. This has really helped spark conversation of expectations and of what's missing in our marriage.

*I understand that not all men and women are in healthy marriages. If you are being abused or have been divorced or feel alone in your marriage God is not abandoning you, get help. God is real and loving and gives grace freely and He doesn't expect you to walk this journey alone. I just had to share my notes from this sermon since I can't get this stuff out of my head this morning.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Moving Time

It's November 1st. I love November. It's my birthday month, but that doesn't come till the very end of the month. Although I'm celebrating now a prayer request that was answered. On January 1 of 2014 I prayed the bravest prayer of my life. That God would lead us back to Tennessee to live. We currently live in Chicagoland. (yes--they really do call the greater Chicago area Chicagoland...for all you southerners, I had no clue before moving here.)

I grew up in Tennessee and lived there until I was almost 30 years old then we moved to Valparaiso, IN to help plant a church. That was one of those unmistakable obedience moments where we knew that we knew that we knew that we were supposed to be a part of that church plant. Gracepoint is thriving and continuing to grow 5+ years later. Two years ago...exactly two years ago, Daniel took a job at The Chapel- Grayslake. We moved two hours from Valparaiso, but it seemed so much farther from home. The trip to Tennessee now included driving through Chicago and that always added on more time than miles. Plus while here we added Oakley and now our family seems complete. It just seems right that it's time to go home.

Rockytop you'll always be home sweet home to me. Good ole Rockytop. Rockytop, Tennesssee. 

The moving truck comes on Monday. This is our last weekend at church and saying goodbye to friends. That is always hard, but the excitement of moving home is overwhelming. I truly want to celebrate that my prayer has been answered. I'm not one to pray bold prayers. I usually stick with prayers that include things like- whatever You think is best God, or You will be done. So I want to celebrate.

We have a house to live in there which seems to be a gift from God. It's a church parsonage that they don't currently need and they are renting it out to us. It's in a great neighborhood and is close to family. We have much to celebrate in that God has provided for Daniel to be able to take a sabbatical for the rest of the year and not have to stress about finding work immediately. After 18 years in ministry he will get to seek God and sit and rest for a couple of short months before heading out to his next adventure whatever that may be.

When we left 5 years ago we didn't have children. And now we are coming home with two amazing boys. It will be such a privilege to live near family.  We have done life for 5 years without family nearby, so I'm hoping we will truly make the most of it and cherish every moment.

Today I celebrate. I'm celebrating November, I'm celebrating Tennessee, and I'm celebrating moving home.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Daddy's girl is here.

I found the room at the hospital and walked in. There were two nurses in the room about to do therapy. My dad was laying in the bed and he had terrible sores in his mouth from Thrush. He lifted his hands and said- "Awww." Tears slowly streamed down his face. His girl was there. His baby girl. I never left his side till he passed on to eternity.

I've always known my dad loved me. He would do anything for me. I was one of the lucky ones. Some people didn't have fathers in their lives and some had worthless fathers. But mine was there. He made sacrifices for me. He made many choices in life because of his love for me. I knew that. I have know he's a great dad. I have known I was a lucky one. But to see a grown man, always strong in my eyes, grow so week and be unable to speak. It rocked me to my core. More than that though was his ability to communicate with his body language and his eyes and his "awww." I knew he wanted me there. I knew he needed me there. I was so glad to be there.

That day I just waited there with my stepmom Lynn and my dad. Lynn nursed him well and fed him spoonfuls of water. The nurses were busy, in and out, giving meds, getting vitals, checking things. Daddy had a tube coming out of his nose that was suctioning his stomach. They had said words like he was septic and he looked terrible to me.

I left to go get Lynn some dinner and we both scarfed down a cheeseburger. Then my BFF from college {who just happens to live 10 minutes from the hospital} came and picked me up. We went to J.Alexanders and ate. She had salad and I had dessert. *I gained at least 15 lbs over the past 8 weeks. But that chocolate cake was amazing. Holly had Carrot cake which was equally amazing. I don't like to order carrot cake out because there are so many different varieties of carrot cake. But next time I go to J Alexanders I will save room for the Carrot Cake.

I spent the night with her and we got up early the next morning and grabbed some bagels on the way back to the hospital. I was set to fly back that day and was supposed to leave the hospital at 1pm so I wouldn't miss my flight.

I was to get there early to talk with the doctors. I arrived and shortly after that the Oncologist came in. He had some sobering news. (Daddy slept while he talked to us.) He said there were 3 options- 1. do nothing and go home with hospice care to make daddy feel comfortable. 2. try another round of chemo, but he didn't think daddy was strong enough for that or 3. wait for the biopsy to grow and see if there was a specific chemo that would work better, but he also didn't think daddy was strong enough for that.

He told us to talk about it and pray about it. Lynn had a couple of questions like could they do a surgery so he could eat again and get stronger. *The cancer in his pancreas was blocking his digestive track and he wasn't able to eat a full meal. Right before he went into the hospital he was throwing up non stop. The Doctor was very nice and brought such a strong presence into the room, but said surgery was not an option that my dad could survive. He was a gentle man with great bedside manner. Lynn and I just cried. I hugged her and we just cried. This past Christmas was the best ever. We had fun and played and ate out. The doctor is now saying HOSPICE. What does that even mean? 9 weeks after Christmas and we just get the word that my dad is never going to get better. That he is going to die soon and that there seems to be no hope for fighting this cancer. Wow. How is this even possible?

So we cry and talk and talk and cry. What do we even do? Do we let Daddy decide? Do we decide for him? What in the world is happening. We forget to eat. I get a blazing stress headache. I call Daniel in the hallway. I tell him to rush down to TN. Our van is in the shop from hitting a deer and the trailblazer is on its last leg and my car is at the airport. So he figures it out to be able to borrow Maggie Mohr's vehicle to make it to TN the next day with the boys. She packs for the boys and I cancel my flight back to Chicago.

When Daddy wakes up we talk to him and he says he wants to "Let nature take it's course."
So that's what we did.