Monday, March 01, 2010


Part 1

When we got the phone call we just found out that the baby was born. To this point we still didn't know if the baby was a boy or girl.

When we found out BABY BOY was born in Indiana, we thought he was about 3 hours away. That was where his birthmom was from, but she actually traveled 40 MINUTES FROM OUR HOUSE TO HAVE THE BABY! I'm not really sure why, but hey just knowing she was 40 minutes away was really hard for me to not run to the hospital and sneek a glimpse of this little man. At this point the birthmom wanted a closed adoption so we were not wanting to go visit the baby and turn her off in any way. So we waited...

Monday morning we got a phone call from a new lady. Due to my past experiences I expected bad news.

Her first words to me were, "Have you talked to Rachel?" (Rachel works for the agency.) I told her that I couldn't talk to her and that she had to call Courtney our consultant. If there was going to be any more bad news I wanted it to come from Courtney. She interrupted me saying- "It's not bad news, the baby has been born!!"

I apologized saying that I'd come to expect bad news. She explained that the baby could leave the hospital on Tuesday and that papers were to be signed at 3:30 on Tuesday. To plan for that and to meet her at the hospital at 3pm.

She said that the baby boy was healthy and handsome and he weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 19 3/4 inches long (by the way he was actually 20 3/4 inches long---as we learned when we got the paperwork from the hospital.)

So we had a plan. I was beside myself on Tuesday. Thinking that Monday night was our last full nights rest I didn't set my alarm. On Tuesday I ran errands and was just beside myself. I had to call friends and family just to talk so that I could keep my thoughts straight.

We were so excited. We were going to pick up our son at 3pm, leaving our house at 2pm.

Then at 1 something pm we got another phone call. The birthmom wasn't ready to sign the papers. (OH NO!!!) I feared that it was all crumbling beneath my feet again. That I really wasn't going to be able to make it through another adoption fall through.

So we waited until Wednesday. For some reason I had in my head that the birthmom was being discharged early Wednesday morning and that we should know the plan by 9:30am. We could get news from many different sources...At this point it seemed like there were tons of people involved.

1. Jan- from Indiana who was going to meet the birthmom and have her sign the papers.
2. Rachel- from the agency in Utah available by phone.
3. Courtney- our consultant in Georgia available by phone. (Some have asked why a consultant is needed and simply put she is the only one who is truly on your side. She is your guide and she is there to help work through little hic-ups...or in our case big ones...ha!)
3. Birthmom- who at some points got frustrated and quit answering her phone.
4. Me and Daniel- sometimes I would forget to pass on important info to Daniel simply because I was trying to keep all these other people in the loop...oops.

9:30 came and went, 10:30 came and went. I couldn't get info from any of these folks. At one point Jan's phone went out and we lost contact with her for awhile. At another point Rachel was on an airplane and we thought she was ignoring our calls. Of course your mind can play horrible tricks thinking that the birthmom had been discharged and changed her mind about her adoption plan and everyone knew but me.

Praise the Lord that wasn't the case.

More to come...
Part 3
Part 4

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Court and Em said...

I think it is funny that I know the whole story, every detail...yet, I am checking your blog anxiously waiting for the rest of the story! HAHA!!! Love ya, girlie!!