Monday, February 27, 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY MaNnY!

For Manny's 2nd Birthday we had a little party huge shindig. I accidentally invited all our close friends in town plus family from 8 hours away, & only had 2 no RSVP's. We had 41 people here which included 16 kiddos!!! I actually had a blast and had everything ready by 9:56. (Party started at know because of nap times and seemed the perfect party time!)

I usually get all uptight when planning a party/event here at the house wanting everything to be perfect. So I gave myself a head start and got things in place early in the week and enlisted my friend Jill's help on Friday.

Anyway it was a Music themed party. I added musical note stickers to the colorful invitations. I cut out musical notes and taped them on the wall that matched the color scheme of lime green and blue. I had all of Manny's 500 musical toys/instruments in the living room for the kiddos to play with. Music, Music, Music. A few people brought musical themed cards, and musical themed gifts. Manny had a blast and blew out the two candles on his cupcake perfectly...we had practiced. (Does anyone else practice blowing out candles with their kids?)

(I delegated taking pics to my friend Angie's husband Brian and I haven't seen them yet; I will post them when I get them.)

All that to say that at the end of the party when the last few guests had gone and we were cleaning up. Daniel had a lightbulb moment. He said- That's cool that some friends brought him musical gifts, and you had musical decorations...(LIGHTBULB) OH Was this a music party?

Yeah honey- a music party. Hope you had fun. Glad you picked up on the theme.

Good thing I love him so much, cause that sure cracked me up. :)

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