Sunday, February 26, 2012


Things need to be maintained.

The car has to get oil changes regularly.

The laundry doesn't take care of itself.

The dust continually settles and needs to be wiped away.

Crumbs can always be found on my kitchen floor.

Friendships never maintained tend to become acquaintances.

And Marriages that aren't being worked on become miserable heaps of messes.

I'm still learning about life and am watching some others who are learning the hard way. But I am noticing a pattern. Things left on their own fall apart. If things, relationships, homes aren't being maintained they slide down the slippery slope into that place where it takes tons of effort to get them back into working order. (Like when I neglect the laundry for 3 days then have heaps to deal with, and when I neglect my marriage for 3 months I have heaps of emotions to work's all the same.)

Naturally I want relationships to flow beautifully and not need any work, but the fact is work makes them better, stronger, more full of life. Because life takes work, it doesn't come easy. We so badly want to throw up our hands and let life move along seamlessly, but it never will. We live in a sinful world and every single time things are left to run on their own they will begin that downward spiral.

I'm still learning and trying to be better at maintaining.

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