Saturday, June 02, 2012

Birthmother Thoughts

We have started our adoption process to adopt another child, probably an infant from within the United States. All our paperwork is ready and we will be able to present our profile (all the fun exciting stuff about our family) to birthmothers in a week or so once they get printed and shipped.

Tonight I can't stop thinking about a birthmother. Growing a child within her belly. Is she nervous? Is she terrified? Is she ignoring the fact that she is pregnant so she doesn't have to deal with the options, thoughts, decisions yet? She is probably glowing, beautiful, radiant. She is probably miserable, uncomfortable, resilient.

I pray she can feel God's presence like never before. That He would comfort her and show her the right decision for her future child. The hardest decision she might ever make. The one decision that will allow me to be a mother once again. That decision that will bring her heartache, but will fill my heart with joy. I pray she has supportive family/friends around her to comfort her and encourage her.

Oh the woes of adoption.

While I'm looking at cute diaper bags and thinking of girl and boy names is she already grieving the loss of her unborn child? Knowing she is making the right decision for life and not death, but agonizing about what steps to take next. Has she already contacted the agency? Is she second guessing which agency to call. Is she asking friends for advice as I am asking friends advice about baby carriers and double strollers?

I hope that she will know without a shadow of a doubt that we will both love this child she is birthing. That we will both carry the label mother in some form and that we will both cherish this life. I hope I can express to her someday how grateful I am for her choice and for her carrying the baby I will call my son or daughter.

Lord- draw our paths together. Wind the fabric of our journey together so that we can live out Your plans for our lives. May this sweet birthmother live a life with no regrets. May she know Your love and may she be blessed because of her decision. ~Amen


tklee said...

So true, thank you for sharing such a beautiful prayer.

Debi Sibray said...

Tears. Truly beautiful Emily. God bless you all on this journey. Praying.

Court and Em said...

Love. May I share this post on FAC's blog? This is truly the heart that I pray every client would have for their BM! You couldn't have written more beautiful, perfect words for this journey! Love you!!