Thursday, December 16, 2010

A couple of hard months.

We've had a couple of hard months.
I can't even write it all out yet, so I just avoid blogging.

1. Nov. 1 Daniel had Gastric By-pass surgery.
2. Nov. 16 Daniel's mom passed away.

Then there was the whirlwind of an unexpected trip to TN, and unexpected funeral and an unexpected Thanksgiving without Daniel's mom. Luckily we had Manny to keep us smiling through the tears.

Then we came back to Valpo and it was my birthday, kinda an afterthought. Oh well.

Now I'm battling re-living the tragedy of last Christmas. Crazy how many thought are coming to mind of our trip to GA. It's truly a battle of the mind to not get sad all over again. I think of Baby Jeremiah and wonder where he is now and what his life is like. I have multiple friends who are adopting and it's hard to be concerned that they are not going to walk away with a baby just like we didn't get to last year. I hope so much that it's easy breezy for them, then I wonder why it wasn't easy breezy for us. You always wonder.

So we are pushing through. Manny is doing amazing. Walking everywhere and is such a joy and without last Christmas's sadness we would not have gotten to share this Christmas with Manny. Oh how I can't even imagine not having him in my life.

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Kelly said...

Emily, I know exactly what you are talking about in my own special way. I think my post on unmet expectations relates to us a lot. We both had exactly what we thought God had in store for us (Jeremiah for you and reconstruction for me) yet it was NOT. We both got all the way through the process and then had everything stripped from us. It's hard to not question why and wonder about the what ifs, but I feel we both are where we are supposed to be and that is right in the midst of the will of God! Love you. Oh, and is he already walking?!?