Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year New Post

The snow is falling in Valpo and it just seems right. The snow had all melted and that seemed too much like Tennessee. Valpo is just supposed to have snow in January. :)

We are doing well and getting settled in since all the traveling over Christmas.

We went to Tennessee (Martin and Clarksville and Dover and Erin) for Christmas and then Dayton, Ohio for New Years.

GracePoint is rocking and I'm starting to help out with Children's Ministry again. It's truly my favorite place to be...hanging out with kids and teaching them about Jesus. So fun. We had a huge Christmas Service and the new year proves to hold so much in store for GP.

Manny got his first haircut and it was pretty much all or nothing. He went from mega fro to shaved head. I miss his curls, and now he looks like such a little boy. When you snuggle with him now it's rather prickly.

We've managed to take most of our Christmas decorations down....I just noticed one last thing that needs to be taken down. This year for my birthday Deborah got me a framed snowman cross stitch thing. I forgot to put it away since it's more like a picture than Christmas decor. oops. :)

I'm very ready to get back into the swing of things and get geared up to celebrate Manny's first Birthday in Feb!!! Can you believe he's almost 1!!!!

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