Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amazing Week (Part 2)

So I left off at Friday night.
So I'll begin w/ Saturday morning.

We got to relax Saturday morning. My mom came over and dropped off a big bag of hand me downs from her Vice Principal at school. (There were some super cute outfits in there and some he can wear right now.)


This was her first time to get to visit Manny. She immediately took him and snuggled him and kissed him and loved on him. It was PRECIOUS to witness.

I love the fact that she came early to get some alone time w/ Manny. How was a great visit and I can't wait to go to Martin to spend some extended time there.

Daniel's parents showed up that afternoon and my dad stopped by. One of the hi-lights was Daniel's dad and Manny snoozing together in the chair.

We were then off to the concert for Africa for Jesus. It was a blast. MANNY'S FIRST CONCERT!!!

I got pics w/ all the DDB guys holding Manny. (And I got to meet Kenny's girl Hilary for the first time. I love that Kenny did such a great job talking about her that she was exactly as I imagined.) It is such a blessing to have those guys in our lives. I hope that Manny always grows up around them and influenced by them.

(Bryan and Cassi- holding Manny)

At the concert I barely held Manny. He was definitely the star of the night. I couldn't even walk in the door with out taking him out of his car seat. It was so so so good to get to visit with people from Clarksville and share Manny man w/ them! He was amazing and loved ever minute of it. We went on stage and everything. It was a dream come true. I had always known that God would someday answer our prayers and that we would get to walk on stage with our child after Daniel told the Hold On story...well this was the day it happened. I am blessed indeed!

(Sunday will have to come in the next post...whew!)

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