Friday, April 16, 2010

Amazing Week (Part 3)

Sunday Morning started BRIGHT AND EARLY- Grace Community now has 3 services. Daniel had to be there by 6:30am, Manny and I made it there by 8:10am. :)

Manny pretty much slept through the first service, did great in the second, and had to be carried off stage by the third. We were interviewed on stage about our adoption journey then Daniel sang Stained Glass Windows which can now be purchased on iTunes or Amazon!!! Ron then spoke about adoption and God's love for us. You can listen by clicking here. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and it was so great to be able to visit with friends there and introduce them to Manny!

We got to go out to the lobby between services which was such a treat. Seems as though I held little Manny in my left arm ALL DAY LONG. (By the end of the day my left arm was killing me...why didn't I switch arms???)

After church my parents ran and got some more BBQ! (Gotta get it while we can!!!)

After eating lunch Manny and I were immediately off to a shower! It was so much fun, but I could feel myself getting tired. This was a sweet sweet time for our friends to get to hold Manny and share w/ him how much he has been prayed for. Lori Graham hosted the shower and let me just say there was an amazing spread of food and a beautiful cake...that was OH SO GOOD! We were blessed indeed by all the goodies we received. Oh so thankful for all those that came!

One memory sticks out from the day- when Karen Grizzard held him and just cried. I know that she has cried w/ me many times as I long awaited becoming a mom. It was so tender to see her hold him and cry/pray over him. So precious.

Sunday night we got to go to my BFF Melanie's new house. She amazes me- they moved in on Saturday and she already had so much in place. WOW. Manny got fussy and I was exhausted, but it was still good to be able to visit with them for a little bit. It was truly a fun packed day and it felt so good to be in Clarksville w/ Manny! So glad to get to introduce him to our church family there.

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