Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amazing Week

We have been in Clarksville for an entire week. I was so blessed to be able to introduce Manny to so many people.

We got there Wednesday night and were greeted by the Hughes w/ BBQ!!! (Yes I had requested BBQ- since it's just not the same up here.)

Thursday we got to go to lunch w/ a dear friend Brenda who has prayed and prayed for this little fella. We at at my favorite Mexican Restaurant. They actually got my order wrong...I usually just don't say anything, but this time I did since I know I won't be able to go back there anytime soon. She drove me around town and we got to see the land that Grace Community has purchased.

Friday I went to lunch w/ some ladies that were in our last community group. We went to a new little cafe. I nearly cried it was soooo SOUTHERN. Everything was dainty and flowery and just plain wonderful. The curtains were huge and I was just fit to be tied. When we first got there and when we were eating there were people there that I knew and they came over to see Manny. I'm pretty sure I was beaming the entire time.

Right after lunch my parents took me to Erin, TN. That's where my grandmother (MawMaw) lives. She hasn't been doing well and is in the hospital, but she got to come to the lobby and meet Manny.

Manny wore his over-alls since my dad ALWAYS wears over-alls. They were so cute together.

(More from the weekend and pics later, Manny is telling me that he is getting hungry.)

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