Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday was Daniel's birthday and yes he got a Wii!!!! It is soooo cool. It came with some games and you can really get up and move to some of them. Anyway the guy that helped me buy it and get everything I needed suggested a points card where you can go online and download older games. Let me just tell you that that was the part I was so excited about. I was immediately thinking Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, ect. So I bring it home and surprise Daniel, he was thrilled!!! Anyway we played the games that help you know how to hold the controller and stuff like that, but then we downloaded Super Mario Brothers. You see if you hold the Wii remote sideways it looks just like an old school Nintendo remote. My THUMB HURTS, I've played so much. It was crazy to play that game and somehow just remember where to jump and where the hidden mushrooms were and where the warp zones were, and the magic vines that take you to the sky. Boy it took me back. My friend was teasing me about splurging on this gaming system just so I could play the old school games. They definitely knew what they were doing in marketing to us "old school" gamers. :)


a wandering heart said...

So cool! I got Joel a PS2 when he graduated from college. It's not used enough. The Wii sounds awesome. I love the old-school games.

OKeedokey said...

please don't tell andrew........ he wants one of those or some other one.......... maybe it would be a good birthday gift...... hmmmmm?