Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daniel said, "Man that's Good!" (about Cauliflower)

I've NEVER heard that before regarding a veggie.
Here are a couple of my new favorite recipes:

Stuffed Mushrooms-
get a tub of Alouette Cheese (garlic and herb)- that is a spreadable cheese and is in the specialty cheese section.
Wash out the mushrooms and get the stems out.
Fill them with a spoon full of cheese, top with ritz cracker crumbs and bake-
the real directions are on the Alouette Cheese container- I think it's 12 minutes on 350, but I'm not positive.

Then with the left over cheese....
cook some cauliflower (just the pieces) - I boiled them, then smash them like potatoes. add the left over cheese. Yes that is what got the Man that's Good response from Daniel. He doesn't say that very often when it comes to veggies so I wanted to share it with everyone to enjoy. :)

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Amanda Boles said...

and i said, "Man, that's smelly!"