Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday we had a wedding to go to and then another event. Both were dressy, but the same outfit wouldn’t work for both. Since our church is contemporary and I was a PE teacher, it’s been a long time since I’ve bought any dressy clothes… here comes the dilemma. I have a fun black sundress that I got specifically for our beach trip a couple of years ago. I wore that to the wedding with black jewelry. I was proud to match the occasion and look dressy as well.
The second event was to go out to eat with an older couple and then go to a Southern Gospel show by The Perry’s….yes I said Southern Gospel….I don’t really like southern gospel, but Matthew Holt plays the piano for them and he was in our youth group in McKenzie. So if I was going to have to endure a southern gospel show, at least I could watch someone I knew.  So I didn’t think the sundress would be appropriate for that so I changed really quickly after the wedding. I wore a plain khaki skirt and a dressy red tank top with a dressy jean jacket and very uncomfortable, but cute red shoes.  I added big chunky pearls and was running around the house before the other couple got there when Daniel yelled, “They’re here.” I rushed out of the house really quickly, proud to see that the wife we were going out to eat with also had on a blazer with her skirt. Once again I was proud to match the occasion and look dressy as well.
I was so proud because in this one day I had worn my two dressy outfits and had fit in very nicely. When we were in the car after dinner on our way to the singing I noticed that not only did I have on the black jewelry from earlier, but also the chunky pearls. I panicked…..ugh…..those two pieces didn’t go together. The black matched my first outfit, and the pearls my second. I had simply forgotten to take off the black necklace. I quickly slipped the black necklace off and stuck it in my purse. Later I asked Daniel if he noticed. He said yea, I just thought you were trying to be cool with the black necklace to add a little edge to the outfit.  Love that guy.
Maybe next time I’ll take a second to look at the mirror before leaving so quickly. Then I could have flawlessly pulled off my SWITCHEROO.

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