Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I saw a pillow on Oprah yesterday and began searching online to see how much it was. Well one was $60 and the other was $30. I really think that I've only ever spent $12 for a pillow and I thought that was expensive, but now I'm contemplating the $30 one.
I have headaches and sometimes wake up with "stress knots" in my neck. I'm wondering if anyone has ever purchased an expensive pillow and if it was actually worth it.
I'm reluctant to spend that much for a pillow then go back to my $12 one. Would it really make me sleep better or would it just be throwing away money.


Tony Hill said...

Maybe look into a visco-elastic (memory foam) pillow... which is around the same price. I know I bought a $12 pillow and I thought I was buying a Linens and things high end pillow :)

Spend the money... sleeping is something you almost spend half your life time doing.. comfort for that long period of time is important I think... just like everyday shoes... you use them so much that it's really impractical to buy cheap ones

Susan Wyatt said...

Spend the money. We use some kind of feather pillow that was expensive... can't remember the exact cost( probably higher than 30, but I doubt I paid over 50) we had gift cards to Belks left over from our wedding and didn't have anything else to buy so we splurged! They are very comfortable!

a wandering heart said...

My sister was allergic to the memory foam kind... made her face break out.

But if allergies aren't an issue, it's worth a shot. With all the exciting changes going on in your life, a good night's sleep is not too much to ask for.