Thursday, June 07, 2007

My friend Melanie

Well I got to go eat lunch with my BFF Melanie today. She is an amazing person and I'm so blessed to be her friend. We were friends in High School and then college roommates. She moved to Charlotte, NC and we remained friends. Today we went to a very girly spot for lunch which was decorated with tea pots and dainty things. I think was called "Chatterbox" in Smyrna. The food was very good, I had a chicken salad sandwich, yummm.

I love hanging out with Melanie. I know I can always be honest with her even if I'm going through tough times. I know that she'll always listen and always give me Godly advice. Did I mention that she is engaged and I am so excited about that! Tony is a great man and they will make an amazing team. I'm honored that she's asked me to be her Matron of Honor.

I had to hang out with her at work for awhile because I forgot my cell phone....which was a whole other saga. :) Crazy how we've gotten sooo used to having our cell phones with us at all times. So back to Melanie....She's amazing at what she does. While I was waiting for another friend to meet me at the church I just sat and watched her at work. She is the Girls Ministry Specialist at First Baptist Smyrna. She does it all from design T-Shirts to keeping things organized to ministering to small group leaders and girls. She is also a dance instructor at a local Dance studio. She is very creative and I'm always jealous of how cool she is.

I'm so glad that God put her in my life as a BFF. She is a role model for me as well as a confidant and just a fun friend to hang out with. She keeps me grounded when I'm going crazy and also shares fun times and laughs with me as well.

So this is for Melanie...
Thanks for having lunch with me today and thanks for being my BFF.

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Tony Hill said...

Yup she is an amazing person... and I look up to her in all the she does, I've never met anyone I was so proud of. I don't know how she handles so much and keeps herself grounded AND finds time to spend with me. I'm a lucky guy, thanks for showing me this awesome woman!