Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things I never want to forget

Manny is almost 2! I really can't believe it. He is mimicking lots of words and saying lots of fun things. I dropped the milk the other day while trying to carry the groceries in and said- oh shoot. Manny replied- oh shoot. (oops.) Glad it wasn't something worse coming out of my mouth. :)

I NEVER want to forget that when he first said banana he called it a ba-nagh-a-nah. That a pig and a drum are both called noises that he makes with his mouth closed...there's really no way to even spell it. It's like boom boom and oink oink but without any real word coming out and it sounds exactly the same.

He is so smart and so big and so awesome. He loves his magna-doodle and all of the musical instruments he got for Christmas. He will ask to watch "clue clue" and loves Blue.

He is an amazing boy and I am so blessed to be his mommy. He put on a concert for me today. Just like his daddy. He was holding his toy mic and playing the piano at the same time. I am so glad I married a wonderful man and it would be a fabulous thing if Manny turned out just like him. I never want to forget this season. This time when although Manny is starting to push limits and wonder if there are going to be any boundaries, he is exploring and enjoying life as well. We went to Ft. Worth this weekend and he loved being on the plane, riding the bus, and the tram to the airport. He is a great kiddo and I never want to forget these amazing moments.

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graceandme said...

Manny sounds such a sweetheart. Grace does a similar thing with the piano and mike, so cute!