Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for Someone Like Me

Yesterday Manny & I went to an adoption picnic. It is an annual event hosted by the adoption agency that did our homestudy. We got an invite last year, but I think I was still in that fog of new baby world at that time, and it was a long way away to travel and hang out with people you don't know. This year however, I #1 know my way around here a little better, #2 have a much more active social little fella who needs time playing every day, & #3 was looking for someone that looked like me.

I had heard about the park and splash pad where the picnic was going to be held before, but it was still 45 minutes away. We don't do many extra things on Sundays. Daniel's day is completely committed and that is our priority. This week our church was also having a baptism service later that afternoon at Lake Michigan. So I took off on my own with Manny and we made an afternoon of it.

I'm not sure what I was looking for....maybe other white families raising black children. Maybe other moms who have one child through adoption, but long for more. Maybe someone who I don't have to explain the heartache to in waiting for your child to come home. Maybe someone who just knew what raising an adopted child was like. Maybe a success story of an older adopted child who is well adjusted and thriving. Maybe hair care tips. :) Maybe I was just looking for someone like me.

I did meet some other families & I look forward to getting to know them better. But none looked just like us. I was surprised that Manny was still the only African American at our picnic. I have been thinking about how many other families I know that have adopted and realized I do know lots of people like me. Thanks to Facebook & blogs I do have a network of adoptive moms that look like me. And for that I am very grateful.


Merany :) said...

Em- I think your family is beautiful! Your family is such an example of following Christ in every area! And I love following it on Facebook and here on your blog! Although your blog stays pretty quiet! :) You're an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. God bless you. I agree, what a wonderful example of following Christ.

Gashu-Monsata said...

I was adopted :D It's so nice that you are going to adopt, I know I'm glad I was haha!

tiffany said...

my mother adopted three babies that were drug babies and i thing you are a good person for what you are doing god bless you and your family i am now following you lol