Friday, August 01, 2008

Things that made me HAPPY this week

Lori gave the the idea for this post. You should try it too. :)

Watching God do AMAZING things in the lives of your best friends.

Beth Moore Bible Study on Monday night...very challenging....lots of tears. I love that women need each other and understand each other.

A mopped kitchen floor and a cleaned out laundry room. So nice!!!

Dinner with Daniel and my dad and then bowling at the Pinnacle.

So You Think You Can Dance- we know who is going to the finals!!! Such a good season.

Squash for dinner- thanks to my sister-in-law who put the idea in my head and to Teresa who at the last minute told me what to was so good. *My first time to cook squash by itself and not in a casserole....won't be the last.

A Job Opportunity- Traveling with Francesca Battistelli as her road manager for two weekends in August! So looking forward to this.

Listening to Daniel c0-write songs at our house then getting to hear the finished product.

Vacation outfits are picked out and we head out on MONDAY!!!

And hopefully to be added to the list this afternoon a marvelous hair-cut. This afternoon I'm headed to get a haircut- I love hair-cut days!!!


David and Lori Plus 8 said...

OK, so dying to get into a good Bible Study....and just where do you think you are going on vacation?, I'll skip the squash....and yes, God is so wonderful and you WILL be blessed too....praying for you. See you Sunday. And can you just be a complainer like me and give me one irritant of the week? :)

David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Lyndon's right? Who? Carmella is my girl.

Emily Doss said...

This time at Lyndon's I went to Tara, I usually go to Danny...but he was unexpectedly out of town...I got my hair razor cut. FUN! :)

Bryan Wolski said...

Francesa? Not fair. That is sooo awesome. I bought her EP and I LOVE it! I can't wait for the rest of it on iTunes. Corgrats on that one.