Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not much going on

I'm so glad to be home for awhile, but don't really have a lot going on. That was on purpose. Here are some random thoughts:

*Cleaning the house takes way too long when you don't have an end goal in mind and you begin organizing and de-cluttering while cleaning.

*I got to take my grandmother to the Dr. on Tuesday and spent the day with her. We had lots of fun.

*Got to go eat lunch yesterday at Blondie's with Holly, my BFF from college- luckily she had a business meeting in Clarksville. We got to hang out and catch up. Lots of fun!!!

*Took Daniel to the airport and dropped him off- he immediately called and said that his flight was delayed 3 hours. (he did arrive safely, but has to be up this morning for a radio interview- they play this afternoon in Austin and will be back tonight.)

*I headed to Opry Mills and walked around- I didn't buy a thing, but got to visit with some friends from church- the Grahams!!! They were waiting to pick someone up from the airport whose plane was also 3 hours late...

*Other than that not much is going on, but I'm so thankful for that!


amazeingteacher said...

hey emily! thanks for checking out my blog. now i have yours too!

Chip said...

since you have some spare time you should take Daniel out and show him how you can catch a football! haha

have you seen jeremy and paula's little girl? weird that he has a kid!