Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Joe and Kari's Wedding

Here are some pics from Joe and Kari's wedding this past Saturday.

Daniel and I right after the outdoor wedding....I tried to coordinate with the brown since I was one of the people who stood at the guest registry.

Cassi (Bryan- the bass player's wife) and I...Cassi was a bridesmaid so you can see what their dresses looked like. Very pretty!!! And the sunflower bouquets set them off beautifully!

Bryan and Daniel- Bryan was a groomsman and Daniel and Derek got to be ushers. Very nice, very nice. I love those big smiles.

Derek and Holly- Holly also stood with me and helped pass out programs.

Joe's tux was also brown and looked so nice- by this time he's taken the jacket off and is ready to dance.

After everyone came in it began to rain- we were all glad the reception was inside. :)

Beautiful cake- see how gorgeous the sunflowers are with the brown....and it was sooooo good.

And of course- a drum cake for Joe. Would anyone have imagined anything else? Of course the food was excellent at the reception- Joe's 2nd favorite thing to do besides drumming has to be dealing with food. Making it, preparing it, experimenting with it, and of course EATING IT. He is the best cook ever and so all the reception food had to be up to his standard. And boy was it good....yumm.

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Amanda said...

You look so beautiful! Love the dress.