Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekend Get-a-way

I know we haven't been home much this summer, but I'm so excited about our little weekend get-a-way.

Duke and Amanda Boles moved to Ohio to help plant a church....they just happened to move while we were out of town. I was very sad about this, but I think it was God sparing me massive amounts of tears- Amanda has been in the best friend category since 7th grade. Even the day they honored them at church we were gone (thank you Lord for saving me from the ugly cry in public.) We did get to say our sort-of goodbyes- declaring that we were going to be friends forever and visit often. (cheesy I know)

Sooo I tried to convince them to come to Joe and Kari's wedding last weekend. Amanda has this thing for wedding cake, so I think she considered it. It would have been straight down I-75 for them, but it still would have been a long way (they were invited- so don't think I was breaking any wedding laws.)

Since that didn't work out we decided to try for this weekend. We are going to meet closer to 1/2 way- in Louisville, KY and hang out Friday and Saturday. They are having a festival there and will have fireworks tomorrow night. I'm very excited. Even better when we found out that Melanie and Tony could come too- they live in Murfreesboro, TN so we don't get to hang out with them much either. Yea to a fun weekend and to the 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

Hey Em!
It's Deb - I think I finally figured out how to leave a comment even though I don't have a cool blogspot. I hope you had a fun fab weekend!!! Hugs to you! LOVE YOU!!!

Bullock Family said...

JEALOUS FRIEND KELLY :( frown frown hahhah no hope you guys had a blast! Love you all!