Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back to LIfe Back to Reality

Does anyone remember that song? I can't remember any other words- so don't take offense if it is ugly. I only remember that line and that's what I'm singing today. We are home from camp for a week then we have our last camp of the summer. I got to stay with girls this week. They were so great. A definite change of scenery from hanging with the boys all the time. We were at a camp on the Okoee in East TN with no internet, no cell service, and no AC!!! That's right no AC!!!! But we made it and God showed up and it was incredible. We met Team WordPlay and Tom Richter and tons of students from the Cleveland area and some from Virginia. If you want to hear more about camp check out Daniel's blog.

Joe got married to Kari today. Everything was just beautiful and the rain held off till the reception (which was inside). Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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Proud Mommy of 2 said...

Enjoying your blog! Tell Daniel I said, "hello." :)