Monday, June 09, 2008


Anyone ever taken a road trip? I think I can now check that off my list of things I've never done. We left last Tuesday and we headed out west. Now this wasn't your typical road trip, this was a Daniel Doss Band trip where we had to get out to the West Coast to play 3 shows with Casting Crowns. We traveled there in our red Trailblazer and let me just say that thing is marvelous! We got there safe and sound....and we drove for about 40 hours straight- taking shifts through the night and through a wind storm. We made it to Fresno, CA on Wednesday night late and stayed there. We were all pretty glad to get out of the car and rest for a little bit, but on Thursday we were off again to Roseville, CA which is on the outskirts of Sacramento, CA. Then after spending the night there on Thursday we went to Corona, CA which is right outside of LA. Then after spending the night there we turned around and began our week long journey home. We went to Flagstaff, AZ on Saturday and played there. That is a really cool city. We got to eat lunch there on our way out west and we even saw a poster promoting the show that was coming up. The place where they played was an outdoor amphitheater and was really beautiful, tucked away in the woods. We are now at a Fuge Camp in Glorietta, NM and then we play in Oklahoma City on Sunday then our road trip will be complete!

Here are some pics from our adventures!

Quite a few hours down the road....yes Bryan is really driving, but turned around for a quick pic.

The guys playing and opening up for Casting Crowns!

This is one of my favorite pics- the guys are listening so intently to Daniel. :)
*This was during the Casting Crowns part of the show.

The Daniel Doss Band and Casting Crowns after the show.

Just a glimpse of the beautiful sights we were able to see on the way there and back.


a wandering heart said...

Wow, how exciting!! Glad you had a good trip!

Amanda said...

This roadtrip was pretty cool, but I am mostly looking foward to your next roadtrip to a little place called miamisburg, oh. see you soon! i love you!!

David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Whan are you going to Miamisburg? That's close to my home!!!

RunnerMom said...

I'm so excited you get to have all these adventures with Daniel and the band! How fun!