Monday, June 02, 2008

Going back to camp

We are headed to FUGE. I was able to go to Fuge all 4 years of High School and have some marvelous memories from those summers. Now a few years later we are headed back. When Daniel was a youth minister we never went to Fuge camps, but this year we've been asked to go to Glorietta, NM and lead worship June 9th-14th. (When I say we I mean the Daniel Doss Band...I simply tag along.) But as I was packing I looked up the website for Fuge and got excited all over again. Someone in High School is about to have the time of their life at camp and God is going to rock their world, like He did mine all those years ago. I can't wait to see it happen from the other side.

Freshman Year we were at Union University for Centrifuge.
Sophomore Year we were in Mobile, AL for Missionfuge.
Junior Year we were at Belmont for Missionfuge.
Senior Year we were in Washington, DC for Missionfuge.

We had so much fun each and every year and our Senior year was when Melanie and I decided to be roommates in college. Fun times!

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The Smiths said...

I hope you both love your week with Centrifuge. I have so many good memories from my three summers on staff with Centrifuge. Put up some pictures on the blog from Centrifuge when you have time.