Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's really been 8 years!

Today is the day...the day that Daniel and I got married...8 years ago!!!

Here are a couple of random pics from this year:

A day at the park w/ Suzy at the beginning of spring.

Cheering for the Govs at an APSU basketball game.

I could have never imagined our life being this great. It has been an amazing year of new experiences and new challenges. It just makes me wonder what will the next year bring? Last night when we went out to dinner we chatted about what we thought we'd be like at the 8 year mark and neither of us thought we'd be who we are or where we are. God has definitely done a might work in both of us. I am so excited to see what God has up his sleeve for us next- I totally think He is up to something.


stephen lee cavness said...

congratulations ya'll!

i drove past me and daniel's old apt. on travis rd. last time i was in in martin.... see md like 100 yrs. ago and last week all at once...

hope all is well..

David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Hope you have a special day filled with wonderful memories. The best is yet to come....Praying for you and your ministry,

The Smiths said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful Christian couple. It has been a joy seeing you both grow in your faith and hearing what great things God is doing in your lives.
Tim and I will have been married 4 years in July. It just seems like last year we were getting married in Martin.
Love in Christ,
Kelly Smith

The Fitzgerald's said...

Meghan and I an across your blog and wanted to say HOW THE HECK ARE YA??? CLARK-