Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Howling Alarm Clock

This morning I awoke to a howl. Our dog Suzy has become and inside dog during the winter months and even though it wasn't cold last night it was raining and I didn't want her to get wet. So she slept on her bed right beside our bed. (She's a 60 pound black lab mix.) She wouldn't go out to use the bathroom last night because of the rain so I guess she had to go this morning. She howled. This is so rare, because she doesn't bark a lot (only if she gets startled or scared) but she let out a howl. That immediately woke us up. But hey I love a fresh start in the morning, maybe that means I'll have a very productive day. :)

The CD Release Concert was amazing. It went off without a hitch. Thanks to our wonderful Community Group and friends from Grace we had a rockin' Merch team and a great night all around!

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