Monday, February 25, 2008

Excitement in the Air

We are getting ready for the CD Release Concert on Sunday night. The last minute details are falling into place. Just a few more things to check on. We got the shipment of CD's and you should be able to get the CD's on iTunes or in stores tomorrow. Here's a pic of the guys- they were at our house rehearsing when the shipment of CD's arrived!!!
Everyone is PUMPED!!!!

Come join us at Rossview High School on Sunday March 2nd at 6pm for the Daniel Doss Band CD Release!!!!


David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Woo Hoo...can't wait for Sunday night. How can I get a tshirt before then?

Donna@themommyminute said...

Wow, are you ready for the adventure to begin? I'm heading to buy a CD today.

I wonder how much your lives are going to change!

I saw the CD's on last night and they said only one left in stock--??

a wandering heart said...

I got my copy today. Er, yesterday.... I'm having a late-night craving and up early :)

Great stuff!