Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chili and White Bread

I have not had white bread in a really long time. In an effort to be more health conscious we've switched to Whole Wheat bread, and so have most of my friends. So when I even go over to their house I have whole wheat bread. If I have a choice in a restaurant I'll choose the whole wheat. That is a small thing I can do to switch to healthier living. Then this past week I went over to my parents house for dinner. I had a pimento and cheese sandwich with the chili they made.
#1 nothing is like Momma's Chili- (no matter how your Momma made it- noting beats having Chili the way it's supposed to be) **Daniel's Mom's chili had little tomatoes, little chili beans and lots of soupiness- my moms chili had big chunks of meat, big chunks of tomato, and big kidney beans- we've come to a compromise at our house- so I was glad to get Chili just the way I like it.
#2 My parents had White Bread. It was so fluffy and soft. I had forgotten how wonderful it was. Granted I'm not going to turn my back on the Whole wheat bread, I was amazed at how marvelous the white bread tasted. So the next time I'm enjoying a sandwich I will probably be dreaming of the white bread but instead I'll remind myself of the health benefits of the whole wheat and how I'm doing my body a favor by not filling it with enriched all-purpose white flour. :)


Glenna Marshall said...

I haven't had white bread in like 3years. At least, not on a regular basis anyway. I slurge once in a great while on it, but normally I choose whole grain bread. Nothing beats the taste of white bread, though!

Melanie said...

I'm very glad you had a moment of giving in to a desire. Sometimes that's just what we need to keep us sane. :-) However, I cannot agree with your love of white bread... well, as far as sandwiches go. Now, give me a good piece of French bread, Sourdough, Mrs. Schubert's... ahhh... that's heaven. If only they could come up with a healthy all-carb diet... I would sign up first and even be the spokesperson.

a wandering heart said...

Mmmmm. That sounds soo good. My hubby doesn't like beans, so I make a veggie beef soup instead of chili.

OKeedokey said...

Our house does the whole grain white bread. I can't tell the difference, but andrew can.

I didn't grow up eating Chilli. Isn't that weird?

OKeedokey said...

oops, I mean Chili. See, I can't even spell it. :)