Saturday, January 26, 2008

His ways are not our ways

We were getting so excited about the spring tour with Avalon and I was starting to plan and prepare and we've just found out that the tour has been postponed 3 weeks. Granted that's only three weeks, for me that's three more weeks without pay. Good thing the morning we found out my quiet time was about Manna and Jesus providing our daily bread and how we should not worry about tomorrow because it has enough worries of its own. **Later I found out that Daniel knew and waited until after my quiet time to tell me about the tour. (I remember him asking me as I sat down if I was finished and I said I was just getting started.) Isn't God sweet to remind me that He's in control--He probably knew I'd freak out without the reassurance of those verses.

So we sit and wait three more weeks before getting to go on a ~30 show tour instead of a ~40 show tour. I'm a little sad because I was getting so very excited, and the album is coming out in less than 6 weeks! Every time I get to see/hear/experience Daniel leading worship I have a little moment and my heart does a little somersault thinking about that fact that this is what we're going to get to do for a living. Sunday mornings at Grace, plus leading worship for tons of people across the United States- What a great God we serve!

So I sit in awe of the God of the universe as He gently reminds me that His ways are not our ways and that He is in control. Thank you Lord for know just what I need, right when I need it!

New fav. verse: Genesis 15:1 "Do not be afraid, Abram (or Emily), I am your shield, your very great reward."

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