Friday, June 29, 2007

Milk Saga

I ran into Walmart to get some cute invitations to our Small Group's Cook-out. ***Thanks to my good friend Teresa I knew they had them and it'd be a quick trip.**
I also just got back in town and was needing some milk. So I thought I'd grab some real quick. Then I decided to run some more errands...oops milk needs to stay cold right. Well I wasn't on my side of town so I called Duke and Amanda. We've been going for walks every night and so I knew I'd end up at there house at the end of the day (we walk at night) and could pick my milk up then. So I stopped it off there and then went on to run a couple other errands. That night we got something to drink before our walk and I said that I was worried I'd forget my milk, but really wanted to have cereal in the morning. Duke had a solution. He took my keys from me and put them IN THE FRIDGE!!!! So brilliant! Did I forget my milk, no I did not. But I've also never before started my care with a chilled set of keys. It was definitely worth not forgetting my milk.

thanks Duke!


a wandering heart said...

That's too funny. :-)


Tony Hill said...

ha ha that's such a Duke idea!