Saturday, June 30, 2007

7th Grade Memories

So in 7th grade I sat at lunch with Kimberly Mitchell, and Hillary Walus. We were the athletic type and in the general population (not super cool/not super dorky). Then two weeks into the school year, by God's great design, Amanda Lachowicz (now Boles) had to change her schedule. She was pretty much in the cool crowd and would not have chosen to sit with the athletes but there were no other seats open so she landed at my table.
That was 15 years ago! 15 years ago by God's great design He brought Amanda to my lunch table declaring in His all knowing mind that we would be Best Friends Forever!!!
We got to know each other that year and found out that we both lived out in the country and so my mom would take us home from church each Wednesday and Sunday night.

-We usually talked mom into taking us to TCBY on the way home.-

By our Junior and Senior years we were the best of friends. It was super hard to know that we were not going to go to the same college. I knew I was supposed to go to UT-Martin and she was staying at Austin Peay. We did kinda loose touch, but God in His mighty mighty ways was still at work. He allowed me to find Daniel and Amanda to find Duke. We were in each others weddings and go married 3 months apart. Now 7 years later we are Best Friend Couples. It is so fun to hang out with another couple (when we were first married we didn't really have a lot of good couple friends and now I feel like we have tons of them.) It's so good for your marriage to be surrounded by other couples and know that what you are going through is normal or that what you have in your marriage is special and extra ordinary! :)

So all that to say that God gave me Amanda 15 years ago to be my Best Friend for life. (Even our dogs are best friends- my Suzy is her Roxy's BFF) And I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that God in all of his mightiness thought of me and put Amanda at my lunch table to laugh with me and cry with me and suffer with me and journey with me along this trail.


Daniel and Christy said...

Hello again! Yes, My Dad does drive a blue PT Cruiser. It was probably him that you saw.

a wandering heart said...

What a neat story. We were able to get together with a very good friend of mine from High School and UTM this week. She's married to an Army Chaplain and lives far away now. I love being able to talk about marriage and kid related things with her. I believe you know Steph's sister in law from your church and maybe your scrapping group, Teresa Barnhill?

God is so good to give us life-long friends.