Friday, June 22, 2007

Amazing Women

I've been thinking about the amazing women in my life.
I went and had coffee with a friend yesterday and she mentioned her mentor, a woman who invested in her life and prayed for her and challenged her to grow.
I've had the privelage of getting together with lots of different women since school has been out.
From my small group, to scrapbooking group, to casual lunch/coffee dates to walks with billions of dogs women have been influencing my life lately.
I'm so glad that God has allowed brave, bold, daring, zealous, strong, kind, caring women in my life to challenge me and encourage me during this season.

So I just wanted to thank you if you've influenced my life and thank God for allowing my path to cross so many amazing talented women's paths lately.

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Daniel and Christy said...

Hi Emily. I found your blog tonight and thought I would say hi! Hope all is well for you.