Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Business Practices

I went in to Memories in Bloom today to browse around. I told myself on the way in that I was not to spend any money at this store today!!! (I'm a sucker for scrapbooking supplies....I can never get enough.) But today I wasn't shopping, I was just browsing and de-stressing. :) I went in and looked at all the pretty things that they have. The pretty paper, the pretty stickers, the pretty pens and ribbons. So I'm walking out without purchasing anything (yea for me) and the lady at the counter stops me. She says that there was a mistake the last time I came in and that they had over charged me. (flashback to Monopoly- bank error in your favor) She proceeded to say that they had tried to call me, but couldn't reach me. (We've moved and I hadn't updated my info.) So she gave me the money that they had over charged me and I left a very happy customer.
I just wanted to let everyone know what a trustworthy business they run and also that they have very trendy scrapbook supplies. :)


OKeedokey said...

Hi Emily,

I lost your blog address for a while and BOY did I miss alot!!
I'm glad I've found it again! I enjoy reading what you've written. (when I have the chance!) :)

a wandering heart said...

When I am in C-ville I'll have to find that shop.

We have a Scrap-booking store up the road from us now, and I keep telling myself I'm going to go crop there sometime. Perhaps that way I'll actually move past page 5!!!

a wandering heart said...

Just so you know... this post inspired me to actually do a page tonight. I've posted it on my blog!