Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE

This year on my birthday something spectacular happened. I got to talk on the phone with a birthmom who we are matched with. I was so nervous, but she is very outgoing and is so excited to be matched with us. She is giving me the greatest birthday gift ever so I was excited to talk to her and tell her that.

We talked about Manny and what a good big brother he's going to be. I told her about Daniel and what a good man he is and how he's so excited. I even had Amanda our favorite babysitter ever come over and hang out with Manny downstairs because Daniel was still at work and I wanted her to be able to hear me. :)

After talking to her I just couldn't stop thinking about her and praying for her. Thinking about being matched with her makes me smile. She seems so kind and calm. I think we are a good fit. She said she can't raise another baby and I told her I couldn't give birth to a baby, but she could give birth and I could raise the baby.

It all went so well. It's hard for me to not compare. We were matched with baby Jeremiah #1 exactly 3 years ago at Christmas time. I would talk to his birthmom on the phone. It didn't go well. She made other plans. There are fears deep down inside of me that are screaming that this isn't going to work. If I'm being completely honest at times I would rather not let her into my life; it would be safer that way. But I want to love on her and to encourage her. She is blessing me with something I can't have on my own. She is a Christian and I want her to know that she will be loved and honored by our family.

Her 2 questions for me were- How do I feel about college education and how would I feel about being in the delivery room with her. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I just got the best birthday gift of my life. I just keep thinking how sweet it was of God to align our paths on my very birthday. Something I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

OH, Em... that is so exciting!! God is at work and He is so good! :) I'm so glad that you received this special birthday present. Praying for y'all.

Kelly said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear just reading this post! So excited for the Doss Crew to become party of 4!!!!