Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today I cried (happy tears) through the entire worship time.
I pulled up to the parking lot today at church after not wanting to get out of bed. I had gotten Manny completely ready (by myself cause Daniel has to get there at 6am for set-up) when he spit up all over his cute little frog outfit. :(

So we moved on to outfit #2 which was his cute little guitar outfit...adorable! :)

Anyway...back to the parking lot. I pulled up (by this time running late a little....we have coffee/snacks at 10am and service at 10:30....I usually try and get there by 10, but today it was 10:25ish.) Gosh I'm back to the parking lot again....I pull up and think to myself man it looks like there aren't many people here today. I tell myself that it's ok. We can't have a "big" Sunday (in attendance) every week. And that schools haven't started up here so people are probably taking advantage of the last few weekends of summer.

I walk in and it's pretty packed...hmmm. And I see tons of new faces. Like tons of people who have never been there before. I was overwhelmed to tears. We moved up here a little over a year ago to help plant a church. Knowing it was what God had called us to. Not knowing if anyone would come or not. I was just overwhelmed today thinking it's really happening all over again. I remember at Grace Community when we met at St. Mary's School we would have Sunday's like this. Sunday's where that person we had been praying for for soooo long finally came. That was today at GracePoint. A few times I heard someone say that their friend finally came today.

Wow. I was overwhelmed. Reminded that we are right where God called us to be and investing in the people He planned for us to reach out to. It was such an amazing feeling. Seeing people who were merely visitors a few months ago now being plugged into volunteer areas. Seeing people who had never come to church a few years ago now excited to attend weekly. God is blowing me away. I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this. It is truly amazing watching HIM work! Wow!


Inkwell said...

I'm excited for you both and for your church plant. God is moving and using you and Daniel!

The Beaver Bunch said...

So exciting to see God bless you through obedience. Yay God!