Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Spectacular

Soooo what have we been up to this summer.
Well for starters we went on an amazing trail near Lake Michigan. There are lots of trails, but this was our first experience at the Indiana Dunes. I hope we get to frequent them more often, there are tons of different trails to choose from. It was such a peaceful time walking through the wilderness. My heart was so full. It was one of my favorite days EVER. I carried Manny successfully in the Ergo carrier. We came back to the house and grilled out some steaks and watched an amazing movie. It was the perfect summer day.

That was our family day right before we went separate ways. Daniel led worship with the Daniel Doss Band in New Mexico one week then in Oklahoma. During these back to back weeks Manny and I spent one week in Clarksville and one week in Martin.

Manny did really well for all that traveling. He got a little fussy, but overall did awesome.

The week in Clarksville we stayed busy busy busy. Trying to visit with as many people as possible. It was great to be able to go to Grace Community Church and see so many wonderful people. (I miss you guys.) I was able to hit up Blondies, Chick-fil-a, Hananoki, a new Mexican place, Excell BBQ, Sango Deli, and Cindy's Catfish house in Dover. :) Made me feel like a true southerner again with all that good food.

Then I headed to Martin for a week of down time. We hung out at the Doss's most of the week and Manny got pampered all the more. He got to play the piano, hear the wind chimes, swing on the front porch, experience Tennessee's hot summer weather, and snuggle on his grandmother's lap with his doggie cousin Sadie. He got to visit both great aunts and uncles and some 2nd cousins as well.

Deborah and I made a Sonic run one day and it brought back tons of memories. That is a spot where Daniel and I would go when we were dating. :) We drove around UTM's campus and it was exciting to see how nice it's looking. They have new dorms and a new fitness center. WOW. If only I could go back now. ha!

I also got to visit with Danny Donaldson who played the piano in our wedding. I got to meet his wife and 2 step kids. Manny sure did like being entertained by them. It was nice because they live a short walk from Daniel's parents so we just strolled right over.

Overall it was a good two weeks. Deborah and I stayed up and had late night talks so by the time the week was over I was thoroughly exhausted. I made it back to Clarksville Friday night and the guys arrived Saturday morning after driving all night. Daniel and I drove back to Valpo on Saturday to end our two weeks of being apart. It was good to be home.

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