Saturday, January 16, 2010


1. Happy Birthday to my dad. These are the times when it's hard to live 8 hours away. It would be great to be able to go out to eat and celebrate today. And give him a big hug. I love my dad so very much. (For those of you who go to GCC- tell him Happy Birthday for me tomorrow if you see him!!!)

2. Yesterday we went to Meijer (a grocery store like Wal-mart for us Northwest Indiana folks). It was our first time to go there and it was amazing. I got a purse for 11.00. And was tempted to buy jewelry. We got baby Doss a onesie that says, "I'm with the band." (Spell check is saying I'm spelling onesie wrong, but I can't think of another way to spell it and it's not giving suggestions.) We got some really pretty hand towels for the kitchen that go great with the new paint colors. So lots of random stuff and really good prices.

3. We went to see Avatar, IMAX, 3-D. I'm glad we went to see it; I didn't know anything about it going into it. It was very outside the box and was a great one to see in the theater. Daniel REALLY ENJOYED it.

4. Yesterday I was thinking the whole Jeremiah situation is still really fresh. It's only been 15 days since we held him in our arms. I'm being too hard on myself to expect to have already worked through everything. We are definitely still in the middle of the process of healing.

5. Haiti. Wow. What heartbreak. What devastation. Unbelievable. You can go here to buy a T-Shirt from a guy who has adopted from Haiti and has another little boy there who they are still waiting on bringing home. He is a Christian music artist/worship leader and is donating all the money from selling these t-shirts to a rescue center in Haiti.


Linda said...

I'm so excited you got to experience Meijers. I LOVE THAT STORE! When they discount, they discount DEEP. They also sell some quality stuff you can't get at other stores (Walmart, Kmart, Target) The onesie sounds adorable...and appropriate. Tom and I also saw the IMAX 3D version of Avatar, really enjoying it as well. If you guys are on the lookout for good southern barbeque, we can hook you up.

D said...

Love you so much girl!

Bullock Family said...

Amen on the grace period for yourself! May take months and months! Just hang in there one day at a time! I heard recently, "He sent the comforter because we would need comforting"! So good! Love yall!

a_outland said...

They just announced that there will be lots of Haitian orphans up for adoption soon. I know this may not even be an option or an idea but you were the first one I thought about when I was reading the article.

Emily Doss said...

a outland- who is "they" and what article? Everything I've heard about Hatian adoption was regarding adoptions already in progress. That the country was in too much chaos to begin the process right now...that government buildings where they do paperwork have been demolished. If you have better info please let me know the source. Thanks!