Monday, January 11, 2010

Bridesmaids and Best Friends

I am one blessed girl.
God definitely has given me the best girlfriends in the world.
It just happened that the day that N (Jeremiah's birthmom) called and said she had changed her mind Holly had planned a trip to Atlanta.
We were right outside of Atlanta and she was able to come visit. I was a MESS! But was so glad she was there with us.

Then on the dreaded day when we returned Jeremiah we went straight to Melanie and Tony's house. That was truly the perfect place. They let us be real and cry at a moments notice if we needed to. They fed us dinner and we just got to chill. We talked about other things and life in general, but baby Jeremiah came up every now and then. It was a very healthy and safe place to be.

We got to spend time with Deborah when we went back to the Doss's to crash for awhile. She is always a bright light of joy and fun and was I was so glad to be able to spend some down time with her.

And after many phone conversations along the way, Amanda is getting to come visit TODAY. I am so very excited about her coming. She knows me well enough to know that we probably needed some alone time back at home before her visit. She is on her way and I have some major goals. I want to paint the master bedroom, turn the guest bedroom into the nursery instead of having the nursery upstairs at the top of the landing, as well as organizing and de-cluttering. She is so good at that, but I am generally way too sentimental. So hopefully with her help we can make some major will truly be therapy for me.

Amazing to me that almost 10 years after my wedding day these close friends are still that and were here for me in my darkest days. I am truly blessed.

**Our families were amazing during this time as well. They provided strength and comfort and were there to share many tears. We are blessed indeed to have such an amazing circle around us of close family and friends. And for the prayers from those along the way I am forever grateful. :)

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a_outland said...

I am glad that you have such amazing friends. Only 1 of my bridesmaids have ever seen our children. Two of them have refused to see them. It is such a joy to have friends that care.