Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roller Coaster

Today was to be a big big day. A week ago I spoke with our birth-mom and asked her if it was ok with her if our lawyer contacted her. From this point forward our lawyer will be our middle man and will handle all money exchanges. In Indiana a birth-mom can receive up to $3,000 of living expenses. She has to state what each of these expenses go towards- I kinda think of it as she has to turn in bills or receipts for each expense. She can't just say that she needs the entire $3000 and get it. So the lawyer will oversee that process. The lawyer we have hired: Kirsh and Kirsh was going to meet with us today and we were going to get to meet our birth-mom today.

But as the ups and downs of adoption go, this weekend she decided that she wasn't ready to meet us yet. We were fine with that, and understood that she wanted to get to know us over the phone a little more before meeting us in person. I mean I was nervous about meeting her, I'm sure she was nervous about meeting us right?!? I spoke with her yesterday over the phone and we had what I thought was a wonderful conversation. I told her a little more about me and a little more about Daniel. (She hasn't even seen pictures of us- and we've only had two other phone conversations.) I really like her a lot.

So back to the roller coaster- back to today- she was going to meet the lawyer, but they HAD to talk on the phone to confirm their meeting before the lawyer would travel to her town. **This is the lawyer's policy due to the fact that he has traveled many times to meet with birth-moms and they haven't shown up.** So he called her (later than she was expecting a phone call) and she didn't answer. So they didn't get to meet. She called him back later, but it was too late for them to still meet.

I don't think this means anything is falling through. I really don't think this means anything bad at all, but it was a big bummer. You see the lawyer was going to pretty much interview our birth-mom and then share all the info with us. And since our attorney only does adoption law that makes him the expert. I think he will have a good take on the situation once he meets her, but we will have to wait till next week for that update.

We met with our social worker from Catholic Charities and she is going to finish our home study update next week. She had to interview us on Monday. Daniel is too funny and made her laugh saying that when we fight he makes it easy because he's always right and that allows him to win all arguments. :) She is coming to our house tomorrow to see everything and make sure we are good to go on the "home" part of the home study. I'm not stressing (trying not to)- I told her there would be boxes around since we just moved in, it's actually coming together more quickly than I anticipated.

Today I also got to share the good news with my friends at Kids International. They were super excited. Kids International is the place where I've been volunteering about once a week. I hadn't been there in a couple of weeks and it was so fun to share an update. I'm so pumped to have these ladies in my life. They are kind and fun and were excited to see me today, which totally made my day and allowed me to share the exciting parts of the roller coaster ride, and forget for a moment the unpredictable ones.

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