Saturday, September 26, 2009

Registries and Such

I started looking at registries today. I tried to think of some things we would need and got completely overwhelmed. Realized we only have 88 more days. Then I got even more overwhelmed and just started thinking about all the people who are going to come visit when little Jeremiah gets here and it put my heart at ease.

The only thing I know that I want is the bedding and my parents are getting that for us. Check it out:

I figure seasoned moms will know and suggest things to get. :)

I know I want a brown minky dot cover for the changing table deal, but I couldn't find one to register for. That was what tipped me over the edge and made me stop even trying. The one think I was looking for could not be found...We need to actually go to a Babies R Us and register instead of trying to register online. Today I was wanting to mainly do research and see what I thought I might like/need, but it was useless. Completely over my head. I've heard that itty bitty infants don't need that much, but I'd like to be prepared none the less. I think I accidentally registered for some things at Babies R Us...if you go there and see that I have three things on my list don't laugh at me. I got overwhelmed and gave up. :)

88 days! Can you even believe that? I can't. So crazy to think about 88 days.


Court and Em said...

88 days! WOW!! It;s going to be here before you know it! Praying for you guys, baby Jeremiah and his sweet birth mom. What a precious Christmas gift!!!

Carrie Smith said...

Emily, I know how you feel! When we were adopting the boys, while we were waiting for a placement, we started picking up little things that we might need, we knew we weren't going to get an infant, so we got toys, and boy clothes from size 3 months up to 3T! We figured whatever we didn't need we could either donate or sell at a yard sale. The most important things you will need will be the diapers and bottles/formula!! There are some great websites and even books that will tell you what you should have at a basic level! Good Luck! God Bless! :)