Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Driver's Ed

Have you ever moved to a new state?
It was obvious today. :)

I had to go get my new driver's license and get new tags for my car.
I took ALL the needed documents, except for the title to my car, so I have to go back tomorrow and get the tags renewed.

I was able to get my new license-
It looks terrible by the way since you aren't supposed to smile.

Anyway- I turned in all the documents they needed then she told me I'D HAVE TO TAKE THE WRITTEN TEST. Huh?!? The written test- like you take when you are 15! That was 1/2 of my life ago! HA! I asked what happened if I didn't pass and she said I could come back tomorrow and take it again- so I told her I'd give it a shot.

When I turned it in I was 50/50. Maybe I passed/maybe I didn't. Well----I DID. :)
I knew I was a safe driver, but you know those tests can be tricky sometimes.
So now I'm legal to drive EVEN IN INDIANA.

Not sure if every state makes you re-take the test, but it's good to know it's a possibility and be prepared none the less. :)

Memories of driver's ed were a bit blurry today, but luckily experience has paid off.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

TN didn't make me take a written test when we moved here... thank goodness... I'm not too sure I would have passed, especially because a lot of driving laws are different here than they are in California. And you're not supposed to smile for your picture??? Is that a national thing or just an Indiana thing?? I think I need to do a poll about this on my blog. This is the first time I've heard this! LOL Of course my picture is horrible even WITH me smiling! HA!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to retake the test (thankfully!) in KY or WA when I got a new license. I don't know that it would be physically possible for me to not smile if they point the camera at me. They would either have to take a very candid photo when I wasn't prepared or haul me off to jail. It is in my DNA: camera=smile. So weird.

Wendy said...

Wow! You ARE good. I moved to IN three years ago and didn't go in to get my IN license until 2 years ago (as I quickly reviewed the book for the written test, I realized that IN requires you to get an IN license within a few months of arriving. I had a baby within a few months of arriving, so I guess they cut me some slack.

I'm 44 and I hadn't had to take a written test since I'd gotten my license at 16. I did worry a bit, but passed it on the first try.