Friday, June 05, 2009

Watching Movies

UP- Anyone see it yet?
A new friend and I went to see it last night (in 3-D). Granted I don't have children, I don't filter things through the "appropriate for little children" lens. I was wondering if any of you have seen it and what you thought. I had heard two reviews. 1. Great Movie and 2. Sad Movie. I'll have to agree with both. It was sad to me and one part in particular that was very real to life instead of fairytale-ish where everything always turns out perfectly. I appreciated the realness. (If you have seen it- I am grateful to be a part of a wonderful marriage that is proving to be an amazing adventure.)

TAKEN- Anyone see it yet?
We got this one from the beloved REDBOX. I had been putting off seeing it due to my perpetual worry of bad things happening. But- this movie came with great reviews from friends. (Again- remember I don't filter movies as being kid friendly.) We love a good action thriller and this one was AWESOME. Spoiler alert- if you haven't seen it yet you might not want to read the rest of this...The story is about a girl being kidnapped and also shows the inner workings of trafficking of women (very eye opening). The movie shows the fathers pursuit of the daughter. And of course he finds her. Her response- "You came for me?!?" The whole movie had been showing his arduous and difficult pursuit to bring his daughter safely home. And then when he finally found her she was shocked that he even came. I started thinking that God is going to great lengths working in our lives, and although we are going through difficult times He, as our father, is working behind the scenes to rescue us. My attitude should go from being angry that He's not working out the circumstances of my life the way I see fit, but grateful at the lengths He is going to come to my rescue. Probably far fetched parallel, but I couldn't believe she was shocked when her dad showed up. Am I going to be equally shocked when the God of the universe shows up in our circumstances where I can see Him and reveals the past few years where He has been working out the details. Hopefully I can have the faith that He is working out His plan for us and that this time of waiting is also a part of His plan. So often we feel forgotten when things don't go our way or when our plans fail, but His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. I am hopeful that He is at work and will come to our rescue at just the perfect time.

While I'm waiting I guess I'll keep watching movies. :)

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Susan Wyatt said...

We just watched Taken this past weekend. We LOVED it! Great picture of our Father coming after his children... and at the end... Once we have Him he continues to give us great gifts.