Thursday, June 04, 2009

My new pet peeve

I have a new pet peeve. It is with realtors who allow pictures taken of houses that really aren't ready to show yet.

We use the internet as our main source of finding houses. Our realtor up here (who is great) sends us listings when they hit our price range. But seriously- sometimes they don't have many pics, sometimes they have horrible pics, sometimes they have pics of the most random things.

Do they really want to sell their house or not? I'm so thankful for our realtor in Clarksville who took a large amount of pics to give a variety and now we are getting a cool feature where people can get a virtual tour of the house.

**Both of these pics come from houses for sale in Valpo. Note in pic number 1- did they even straighten up? Didn't their realtor tell them to de-clutter and to put some stuff away so the house would look bigger and show better. Note in pic number 2- what is this? Did they really post a pic of a door leading to a door? Or is this featuring the stuffed teddy bear that comes w/ the house. Who knows there was no explanation to go along with it.


Mel said...

Hysterical! I love the picture of door leading to the door!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YES! There is a guy in Clarksville who does the SAME thing! He takes pictures of the furniture! My mom is signed up for his emails (I'm not sure why since she's not house hunting) but she'll always forward me the REALLY bad ones. Like why would we care what their bed looks like?! Show us the ROOM! LOL