Friday, May 29, 2009


We have an apartment in Valparaiso, IN now and Suzy is here with us. We now have a couch and chair and are no longer hanging out on the lawn furniture. *long story, but we decided to get an apartment at the last minute and didn't have our DDB trailer to be able to pack up some furniture the last time we were in Clarksville. So this last week we took the trailer to Clarksville. (then headed to Destin, Fl with two other couples for a long weekend vacation.) Then packed up the trailer and headed to Martin for a spur of the moment visit with Daniel's family then back to Valpo on our 9TH ANNIVERSARY! (I'll have to say the trip from Martin to Valpo was much better than the trip from Clarksville to Valpo- much more scenic and lots less traffic.) Anniversary celebrations would have to be postponed, but must not be forgotten. :)

Poor Suzy (our black lab) has never really been a 100% indoor dog and now we share this one bedroom apartment with her. She has had high anxiety about the move and being in a strange place, but right now she is relaxing. She has enjoyed our daily walks, but I have not enjoyed being on poop patrol. yuck.

My new favorite thing about my apartment is that I can play my iPod speakers and they provide music for the entire house. Today I have a station playing based on Bebo Norman. I have all the windows up and a great breeze is blowing. So nice!

Now I have to get back to putting our clothes away. I really do have way too many clothes. Why then do I have trouble finding something to wear? Who knows.

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