Sunday, May 17, 2009


WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE TODAY. Church was AWESOME today. We had a great start to a new series. We have many people interested and momentum is high and excitement is in the air. We had a new guy play guitar w/ Daniel and it sounded awesome! They blended really well. The leadership team had a meeting tonight and everything went really well. Ben is a great leader and we are on a great team.

But...Satan loves to get you down. He wants me to be sad and frustrated. Here are possible reasons why.

-our trailer had to have repairs this week so we could take it back to C'ville to get some furniture. ($$$)
-our traliblazer had to get new brakes. ($$$)
-my car wouldn't start today when I stopped at K-mart. So far it's gotten a new starter and air filter but still isn't working. We are leaving town tomorrow, so we can leave it here to get worked on, but still ($$$)
-Daniel got pulled over tonight for doing a U turn. We so didn't see the sign and he doesn't just do stuff like that, but still he got a ticket anyway. RAHH.

I have to remember to celebrate the WINS and not get down about the little stuff. But boy are these little things frustrating.

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