Sunday, October 19, 2008

Royal Treatment

We went to Valparaiso, IN for a concert on Thursday night at Valparaiso Church of Christ. We were thrilled about it because this is a church we've heard a lot about since one of Daniel's best friends, Ben Lamb, is on staff there. He's been there awhile so when the opportunity arose for us to go do a concert there we were pumped. This was Ben's first concert to oversee, but he did an amazing job!!! He had us set up when we arrived and his whole team was enthusiastic. His excitement was infectious. He was so well organized and even went ahead and checked us into our hotel rooms. When we went to the hotel we already had the key and just got to go straight to the room- that may not seem like a big deal, but many times we go to the hotel and say- we should have two/three rooms reserved, and they say nope we don't see that....or there is confusion and frustration, but not this time. We just went up to our rooms and then we found a special treat. They had left us a little gift basket of chocolate in the rooms. YUMM! We got ready and headed back up to the church for maybe the best pre-concert meal of all time. Remember we are up north...this is what they served us- the most amazing slow cooked fried chicken that just fell off the bone, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans w/ bacon, rolls and banana pudding for dessert. WOW! They went all out and I hope they know how grateful we were!!! The concert was amazing and we had so much fun. One of the hi-lights for me was getting to meet Therez. She's so cool and we worked the World Vision Table together. Another hi-light: we had 8 children's picture folders on the World Vision table AND WE GOT 9 SPONSORS!!!! One family chose to do a special request and will get their pic in the mail. So we had 9 total! I was so pumped. This is a Daniel Doss Band record and we are so excited to be making a difference in those children's lives. Overall it was a wonderful night. I'm so glad I get to tag along and work alongside these awesome guys. *Also this was my first time to meet Kenny who played drums. He's a great guy and I hope he sticks around with DDB for awhile. :)

Here are some pics:

Me and Therez. :)

Back Row: Brad (the Pastor), Daniel (lead singer), Kenny (new drummer), Ben (Youth Pastor and Daniel's friend) Front Row: Derek (guitar player), Bryan (bass player)

Friends (Cindy and Abby) that we met on tour when they came to see us w/ Avalon in the spring.

What a great crew and a killer merch stand?!?! Part of my job w/ DDB is to set up the merch and train the volunteers. :) Ben made the cool signs in the middle, that are hanging, with the prices on them. Awesome!

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