Thursday, September 11, 2008

Larry don't live here!

Sorry for the grammatical error, but I'm fed up and that's what it took.
We have been getting calls for the past few weeks from Oxford Management Services. WE DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH OXFORD MANAGEMENT SERVICES- AND NEVER WILL!!! Apparently LARRY does and he gave them our number. Smart move Larry! But now they are annoying me every other day. That's what I get for not having bad credit?!? Someone else's bad credit haunting me. I've asked them to put me on their do not call list, but they keep calling because they are incompetent and still think Larry lives here. I finally got a bit upset today and hopefully got to the bottom of it. THANKS LARRY!

I looked them up on Better Business Bureau and here's what I found:

This business has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB. Complaints to the BBB have alleged that Oxford Management Services engages in deceptive business tactics including high pressure collection calls for debts not owed by consumers. Consumers allege receiving repeated harassing phone calls from this firm regarding debts for which the company fails to provide any written history.

So don't do business w/ Oxford Management Services...and beware of those who do and pass along your phone number. :)


David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Maybe it's your long lost brother, Larry. Or his other brother, Larry. Nevermind. You're probably too young to remember the Newhart show. I'm showing my age!

OKeedokey said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry.
Do you have caller ID? At least you could just ignore their calls!