Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Available on iTunes

I feel like we've hit a milestone. Daniel's EP is available on iTunes!!! Go check it out. We also thought that they would take away his old CD, but they haven't yet. They probably will when they release the whole album. (It is set to be in stores Feb 26th.) station added it to their playlist last Friday (too bad it's in Michigan and I can't listen to it.) But other stations have the opportunity to add GOD IN ME this Friday. Now we just have to wait and see if they will add it or not. :)
I have been so excited, but of course I forgot about "reviews" and of course there is already a not so hot review. Please pray that I won't take these reviews to heart and that Daniel will not get discouraged by bad reviews. It's crazy when there are 100 good things said we tend to focus on the 1 bad. ugh.


Mel said...

I hear ya on the bad reviews Emily! It's only natural to jump to the defense of our hubby's! I always take it so personal when Phillip is critiqued instead of trying to view it as constructive criticisim. I can't imagine anyone saying anything bad about Daniel's music but just continue to build him up as God has called us to. The Chock's have made their itunes purchase and are anxious for the full CD to arrive!!
Take care!!!
By the way if ya'll are in and around Nashville on Dec 21 (Friday) we are hoping to get a group together for Dinner that night!

a wandering heart said...

Oh, wow!!!! Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. Not the bad review, but just to see how far God has taken him since the days of the BSU praise team and servant singers.

Praying for you!

OKeedokey said...

I can't wait. I'll have to check it out. (I'm not much of an I tunes girl, but I'll figure it out)

Love you guys!